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-What is UntoldWoW?-

      UntoldWoW is a free World of Warcraft private server. This server isn't exactly like retail (and you will never get the same experience of retail on a private server) because we like doing it our way. For the benefit of our players, we have created a couple custom scripted NPCs. MysticMerchant will do you some big favors if you are willing to spare some gold. He can cure resurrection sickness and any poisen or curse. He will make you rested after a long night of grinding for only 50 silver pieces. You can even buy levels from him! (for a very large sum of gold of course...) UntoldTele is coming soon. He can take you anywhere in the world free of charge.

-Getting started with UntoldWoW-

Skip steps 1-3 if you already have the game and it is patched up to 3.3.x

1.) Download World of Warcraft.

2.) You may choose to install any expansion with the game.

3.) Update the game to version 3.3.x (by simpy starting the game, it should auto-update; if it doesn't then you can download the patches at WoWWiki)

4.) Then you open your file in notepad or another text editor (found in "C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Data/enUS/" on Windows) and replace the first line with "Set Realmlist" (no quotes)

5.) Create an account HERE.

6.) Play World of Warcraft for free with UntoldWoW!


- MysticMerchant! Newly rebuilt due to lost code. He is better than every and ready for some action. If you have any suggestions for him just gimme an e-mail at

- UntoldTele is now fully functional and still free!!

- KerchumA222 is once again a Moderator at! His username is Untold! He is glad to help anyone with their own private server needs and can be reached via PM on our forums or on

If you have any association with Blizzard or any affiliated parties you may NOT enter this site. Nothing included on this website or referred to on this website or any associated websites may be presented as evidence. We take NO responsibility of ANY content on our website and/or forums. (C)World of Warcraft is copyright Blizzard.
By connecting to this server using the World of Warcraft client you are violating the TOS included with the client. By using UntoldWoW in any manner you accept ALL responsibility for your use of the client.